Dense DAISY feature description#

The DAISY local image descriptor is based on gradient orientation histograms similar to the SIFT descriptor. It is formulated in a way that allows for fast dense extraction which is useful for e.g. bag-of-features image representations.

In this example a limited number of DAISY descriptors are extracted at a large scale for illustrative purposes.

9 DAISY descriptors extracted:
from skimage.feature import daisy
from skimage import data
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

img =
descs, descs_img = daisy(
    img, step=180, radius=58, rings=2, histograms=6, orientations=8, visualize=True

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
descs_num = descs.shape[0] * descs.shape[1]
ax.set_title(f"{descs_num} DAISY descriptors extracted:")

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