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Non-local means denoising for preserving texturesΒΆ

In this example, we denoise a detail of the astronaut image using the non-local means filter. The non-local means algorithm replaces the value of a pixel by an average of a selection of other pixels values: small patches centered on the other pixels are compared to the patch centered on the pixel of interest, and the average is performed only for pixels that have patches close to the current patch. As a result, this algorithm can restore well textures, that would be blurred by other denoising algoritm.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from skimage import data, img_as_float
from skimage.restoration import denoise_nl_means

astro = img_as_float(data.astronaut())
astro = astro[30:180, 150:300]

noisy = astro + 0.3 * np.random.random(astro.shape)
noisy = np.clip(noisy, 0, 1)

denoise = denoise_nl_means(noisy, 7, 9, 0.08, multichannel=True)

fig, ax = plt.subplots(ncols=2, figsize=(8, 4), sharex=True, sharey=True,
                       subplot_kw={'adjustable': 'box-forced'})

ax[1].set_title('non-local means')


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