8. Data visualization#

Data visualization takes an important place in image processing. Data can be a single 2D grayscale image or a more complex one with multidimensional aspects: 3D in space, timelapse, multiple channels.

Therefore, the visualization strategy will depend on the data complexity and a range of tools external to scikit-image can be used for this purpose. Historically, scikit-image provided viewer tools but powerful packages are now available and must be preferred.

8.1. Matplotlib#

Matplotlib is a library able to generate static plots, which includes image visualization.

8.2. Plotly#

Plotly is a plotting library relying on web technologies with interaction capabilities.

8.3. Mayavi#

Mayavi can be used to visualize 3D images.

8.4. Napari#

Napari is a multi-dimensional image viewer. It’s designed for browsing, annotating, and analyzing large multi-dimensional images.