Getting help on using skimage

Besides the user guide, there exist other opportunities to get help on using skimage.

Search field

The quick search field located in the navigation bar of the html documentation can be used to search for specific keywords (segmentation, rescaling, denoising, etc.).

API Discovery

NumPy provides a lookfor function to search API functions. By default lookfor will search the NumPy API. NumPy lookfor example: `np.lookfor('eigenvector') `

But it can be used to search in modules, by passing in the module name as a string:

` np.lookfor('boundaries', 'skimage') `

or the module itself. ` > import skimage > np.lookfor('boundaries', skimage) `


Docstrings of skimage functions are formatted using Numpy’s documentation standard, starting with a Parameters section for the arguments and a Returns section for the objects returned by the function. Also, most functions include one or more examples.


The scikit-image mailing-list is (users should join before posting). This mailing-list is shared by users and developers, and it is the right place to ask any question about skimage, or in general, image processing using Python. Posting snippets of code with minimal examples ensures to get more relevant and focused answers.

We would love to hear from how you use skimage for your work on the mailing-list!