scikits-image 0.5 (2012-02-26)#

We’re happy to announce the 0.5 release of scikits-image, our image processing toolbox for SciPy.

For more information, please visit our website

New Features#

  • Consistent intensity rescaling and improved range conversion.

  • Random walker segmentation.

  • Harris corner detection.

  • Otsu thresholding.

  • Block views, window views and montage.

  • Plugin for Christoph Gohlke’s “tifffile”.

  • Peak detection.

  • Improved FreeImage wrappers and meta-data reading.

  • 8-neighbor and background labelling.

… along with updates to the documentation and website, and a number of bug fixes.

Contributors to this release#

  • Andreas Mueller

  • Brian Holt

  • Christoph Gohlke

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Michael Aye

  • Nelle Varoquaux

  • Nicolas Pinto

  • Nicolas Poilvert

  • Pieter Holtzhausen

  • Stefan van der Walt

  • Tony S Yu

  • Warren Weckesser

  • Zachary Pincus