scikits-image 0.4 (2011-12-03)#

We’re happy to announce the 0.4 release of scikits-image, an image processing toolbox for SciPy.

Please visit our examples gallery to see what we’ve been up to:

Note that, in this release, we renamed the module from scikits.image to skimage, to work around name space conflicts with other scikits (similarly, the machine learning scikit is now imported as sklearn).

A big shout-out also to everyone currently at SciPy India; have fun, and remember to join the scikits-image sprint!

This release runs under all major operating systems where Python (>=2.6 or 3.x), NumPy and SciPy can be installed.

For more information, visit our website

New Features#

  • Module rename from scikits.image to skimage

  • Contour finding

  • Grey-level co-occurrence matrices

  • Skeletonization and medial axis transform

  • Convex hull images

  • New test data sets

  • GDAL I/O plugin

… as well as some bug fixes.

Contributors to this release#

  • Andreas Mueller

  • Christopher Gohlke

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Neil Yager

  • Nelle Varoquaux

  • Riaan van den Dool

  • Stefan van der Walt

  • Thouis (Ray) Jones

  • Tony S Yu

  • Zachary Pincus