scikit-image 0.12.3 (2016-03-08)#

We’re happy to announce the release of scikit-image v0.12.3!

scikit-image is an image processing toolbox for SciPy that includes algorithms for segmentation, geometric transformations, color space manipulation, analysis, filtering, morphology, feature detection, and more.

For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website:

and our gallery of examples

Highlights and new features#

For this release, we merged over 200 pull requests with bug fixes, cleanups, improved documentation and new features. Highlights include:

  • 3D skeletonization (#1923)

  • Parallelization framework using dask:skimage.util.apply_parallel (#1493)

  • Laplacian operator filters.laplace (#1763)

  • Synthetic 2-D and 3-D binary data with rounded blobs (#1485)

  • Plugin for imageio library (#1575)

  • Inpainting algorithm (#1804)

  • New handling of background pixels for measure.label: 0-valued pixels are considered as background by default, and the label of background pixels is 0.

  • Partial support of 3-D images for skimage.measure.regionprops (#1505)

  • Multi-block local binary patterns (MB-LBP) for texture classification (#1536)

  • Seam Carving (resizing without distortion) (#1459)

  • Simple image comparison metrics (PSNR, NRMSE) (#1897)

  • Region boundary based region adjacency graphs (RAG) (#1495)

  • Construction of RAG from label images (#1826)

  • morphology.remove_small_holes now complements morphology.remove_small_objects (#1689)

  • Faster cython implementation of morphology.skeletonize

  • More appropriate default weights in restoration.denoise_tv_chambolle and feature.peak_local_max

  • Correction of bug in the computation of the Euler characteristic in measure.regionprops.

  • Replace jet by viridis as default colormap

  • Alpha layer support for color.gray2rgb

  • The measure of structural similarity (measure.compare_ssim) is now n-dimensional and supports color channels as well.

  • We fixed an issue related to incorrect propagation in plateaus in segmentation.watershed


  • New organization of gallery of examples in sections

  • More frequent (automated) updates of online documentation

API Changes#

  • equalize_adapthist now takes a kernel_size keyword argument, replacing the ntiles_* arguments.

  • The functions blob_dog, blob_log and blob_doh now return float arrays instead of integer arrays.

  • transform.integrate now takes lists of tuples instead of integers to define the window over which to integrate.

  • reverse_map parameter in skimage.transform.warp has been removed.

  • enforce_connectivity in skimage.segmentation.slic defaults to True.

  •, skimage.transform.ProjectiveTransform._matrix, skimage.transform.PolynomialTransform._params, skimage.transform.PiecewiseAffineTransform.affines_* attributes have been removed.

  • skimage.filters.denoise_* have moved to skimage.restoration.denoise_*.


  • filters.gaussian_filter has been renamed filters.gaussian

  • filters.gabor_filter has been renamed filters.gabor

  • restoration.nl_means_denoising has been renamed restoration.denoise_nl_means

  • measure.LineModel was deprecated in favor of measure.LineModelND

  • measure.structural_similarity has been renamed measure.compare_ssim

  • data.lena has been deprecated, and gallery examples use instead the data.astronaut() picture.

Contributors to this release#

(Listed alphabetically by last name)

  • K.-Michael Aye

  • Connelly Barnes

  • Sumit Binnani

  • Vighnesh Birodkar

  • François Boulogne

  • Matthew Brett

  • Steven Brown

  • Arnaud De Bruecker

  • Olivier Debeir

  • Charles Deledalle

  • endolith

  • Eric Lubeck

  • Victor Escorcia

  • Ivo Flipse

  • Joel Frederico

  • Cédric Gilon

  • Christoph Gohlke

  • Korijn van Golen

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

    1. Goutin

  • Blake Griffith

    1. Hawker

  • Jonathan Helmus

  • Dhruv Jawali

  • Lee Kamentsky

  • Kevin Keraudren

  • Julius Bier Kirkegaard

  • David Koeller

  • Gustav Larsson

  • Gregory R. Lee

  • Guillaume Lemaitre

  • Benny Lichtner

  • Himanshu Mishra

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Ömer Özak

  • Leena P.

  • Michael Pacer

  • Daniil Pakhomov

  • David Perez-Suarez

  • Egor Panfilov

  • David PS

  • Sergio Pascual

  • Ariel Rokem

  • Nicolas Rougier

  • Christian Sachs

  • Kshitij Saraogi

  • Martin Savc

  • Johannes Schönberger

  • Arve Seljebu

  • Tim Sheerman-Chase

  • Scott Sievert

  • Steven Silvester

  • Alexandre Fioravante de Siqueira

  • Daichi Suzuo

  • Noah Trebesch

  • Pratap Vardhan

  • Gael Varoquaux

  • Stefan van der Walt

  • Joshua Warner

  • Josh Warner

  • Warren Weckesser

  • Daniel Wennberg

  • John Wiggins

  • Robin Wilson

  • Olivia Wilson