RAG MergingΒΆ

This example constructs a Region Adjacency Graph (RAG) and progressively merges regions that are similar in color. Merging two adjacent regions produces a new region with all the pixels from the merged regions. Regions are merged until no highly similar region pairs remain.

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from skimage import data, io, segmentation, color
from skimage import graph
import numpy as np

def _weight_mean_color(graph, src, dst, n):
    """Callback to handle merging nodes by recomputing mean color.

    The method expects that the mean color of `dst` is already computed.

    graph : RAG
        The graph under consideration.
    src, dst : int
        The vertices in `graph` to be merged.
    n : int
        A neighbor of `src` or `dst` or both.

    data : dict
        A dictionary with the `"weight"` attribute set as the absolute
        difference of the mean color between node `dst` and `n`.

    diff = graph.nodes[dst]['mean color'] - graph.nodes[n]['mean color']
    diff = np.linalg.norm(diff)
    return {'weight': diff}

def merge_mean_color(graph, src, dst):
    """Callback called before merging two nodes of a mean color distance graph.

    This method computes the mean color of `dst`.

    graph : RAG
        The graph under consideration.
    src, dst : int
        The vertices in `graph` to be merged.
    graph.nodes[dst]['total color'] += graph.nodes[src]['total color']
    graph.nodes[dst]['pixel count'] += graph.nodes[src]['pixel count']
    graph.nodes[dst]['mean color'] = (graph.nodes[dst]['total color'] /
                                      graph.nodes[dst]['pixel count'])

img = data.coffee()
labels = segmentation.slic(img, compactness=30, n_segments=400, start_label=1)
g = graph.rag_mean_color(img, labels)

labels2 = graph.merge_hierarchical(labels, g, thresh=35, rag_copy=False,

out = color.label2rgb(labels2, img, kind='avg', bg_label=0)
out = segmentation.mark_boundaries(out, labels2, (0, 0, 0))

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