Region Boundary based RAGsΒΆ

Construct a region boundary RAG with the rag_boundary function. The function skimage.graph.rag_boundary() takes an edge_map argument, which gives the significance of a feature (such as edges) being present at each pixel. In a region boundary RAG, the edge weight between two regions is the average value of the corresponding pixels in edge_map along their shared boundary.

plot rag boundary
from skimage import graph
from skimage import data, segmentation, color, filters, io
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

img =
gimg = color.rgb2gray(img)

labels = segmentation.slic(img, compactness=30, n_segments=400, start_label=1)
edges = filters.sobel(gimg)
edges_rgb = color.gray2rgb(edges)

g = graph.rag_boundary(labels, edges)
lc = graph.show_rag(labels, g, edges_rgb, img_cmap=None, edge_cmap='viridis',

plt.colorbar(lc, fraction=0.03)

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