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Release notes

As a reminder, 0.14.x is the final version of scikit-image with support for Python 2.7, and will receive critical bug fixes until Jan 1, 2020. If you are using Python 3.5 or later, you should upgrade to scikit-image 0.15.x.

This is a bugfix release, and contains the following changes from v0.14.2:

API Changes

  • morphology.local_maxima now returns a boolean array instead of uint8 (#3749, #3752)

Bug Fixes

  • _marching_cubes_lewiner_cy: mark char as signed (#3587, #3678)

  • Fix potential use of NULL pointer (#3696)

  • pypi: explicitly exclude Python 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 (#3726)

  • Reduce default tolerance in threshold_li (#3622) (#3781)

  • Denoising functions now accept float32 images (#3449) (#3486) (#3880)

Other Pull Requests

  • BLD: pin cython’s language_level (#3716)

  • Build tools: Upgrade xcode to 9.4 on v0.14.x branch (#3724)

  • Get rid of the requirements-parser dependency (#3534, #3727)

  • Add small galleries in the API (#2940, #3728)

  • Correctly ignore release notes auto-generated for docs (#3656, #3737)

  • Fix qt 5.12 pinning for 0.14.x branch. (#3744, #3753)

  • Minor fixes to documentation and testing infrastructure - backports #3870 and #3869 (#3881)

  • Set astropy minimum requirement to 1.2 to help the CIs. (#3767, #3770)

  • Avoid NumPy warning while stacking arrays. (#3768, #3771)

  • Fix human readable error message on a bad build. (#3223, #3790)

  • Unify LICENSE files for easier interpretation (#3791, #3792)

  • Documentation formatting / compilation fixes - Backport of #3838 to v0.14.x (#3885)

  • Fix build by using latest wheel package (scikit-image/scikit-image-wheels#10)

12 authors added to this release [alphabetical by first name]

  • Andrew Murray

  • Christoph Gohlke

  • Egor Panfilov

  • François Boulogne

  • Johannes Schönberger

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Lars Grueter

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Matthew Bowden

  • Nehal J Wani

  • Nelle Varoquaux

  • Stefan van der Walt

  • Thomas A Caswell

… and, as always, a special mention to Matthias Bussonnier’s Meeseeks Box, which remains invaluable for our backports.

4 committers added to this release [alphabetical by first name or login]

  • Josh Warner

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Stefan van der Walt

5 reviewers added to this release [alphabetical by first name or login]

  • Egor Panfilov

  • François Boulogne

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Stefan van der Walt

Announcement: scikit-image 0.14.2

This release handles an incompatibility between scikit-image and NumPy 1.16.0, released on January 13th 2019.

It contains the following changes from 0.14.1:

API changes

  • skimage.measure.regionprops no longer removes singleton dimensions from label images (#3284). To recover the old behavior, replace regionprops(label_image) calls with regionprops(np.squeeze(label_image))

Bug fixes

  • Address deprecation of NumPy _validate_lengths (backport of #3556)

  • Correctly handle the maximum number of lines in Hough transforms (backport of #3514)

  • Correctly implement early stopping criterion for rank kernel noise filter (backport of #3503)

  • Fix skimage.measure.regionprops for 1x1 inputs (backport of #3284)


  • Rewrite of local_maxima with flood-fill (backport of #3022, #3447)

Build Process & Testing

  • Dedicate a --pre build in appveyor (backport of #3222)

  • Avoid Travis-CI failure regarding skimage.lookfor (backport of #3477)

  • Stop using the pytest.fixtures decorator (#3558)

  • Filter out DeprecationPendingWarning for matrix subclass (#3637)

  • Fix matplotlib test warnings and circular import (#3632)

Contributors & Reviewers

  • François Boulogne

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Lars Grüter

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Egor Panfilov

  • Stefan van der Walt

Announcement: scikit-image 0.14.1

We’re happy to announce the release of scikit-image v0.14.1!

scikit-image is an image processing toolbox for SciPy that includes algorithms for segmentation, geometric transformations, color space manipulation, analysis, filtering, morphology, feature detection, and more.

This is our first release under our Long Term Support for 0.14 policy. As a reminder, 0.14 is the last release to support Python 2.7, but it will be updated with bug fixes and popular features until January 1st, 2020.

This release contains the following changes from 0.14.0:

Bug fixes

  • skimage.color.adapt_rgb was applying input functions to the wrong axis (#3097)

  • CollectionViewer now indexes correctly (it had been broken by an update to NumPy indexing) (#3288)

  • Handle deprecated indexing-by-list and NumPy matrix from NumPy 1.15 (#3238, #3242, #3292)

  • Fix incorrect inertia tensor calculation (#3303) (Special thanks to JP Cornil for reporting this bug and for their patient help with this fix)

  • Fix missing comma in __all__ listing of moments_coord_central, so it and moments_normalized can now be correctly imported from the measure namespace (#3374)

  • Fix background color in label2rgb(..., kind='avg') (#3280)


  • “Reflect” mode in transforms now works fine when an image dimension has size 1 (#3174)

  • img_as_float now allows single-precision (32-bit) float arrays to pass through unmodified, rather than being up-converted to 64-bit (#3110, #3052, #3391)

  • Speed up rgb2gray computation (#3187)

  • The scikit-image viewer now works with different PyQt versions (#3157)

  • The cycle_spin function for enhanced denoising works single-threaded when dask is not installed now (#3218)

  • scikit-image’s io module will no longer inadvertently set the matplotlib backend when imported (#3243)

  • Fix deprecated get keyword from dask in favor of scheduler (#3366)

  • Add missing cval parameter to threshold_local (#3370)

API changes

  • Remove deprecated dynamic_range in measure.compare_psnr (#3313)


  • Improve the documentation on data locality (#3127)

  • Improve the documentation on dealing with video (#3176)

  • Update broken link for Canny filter documentation (#3276)

  • Fix incorrect documentation for the center parameter of skimage.transform.rotate (#3341)

  • Fix incorrect formatting of docstring in measure.profile_line (#3236)

Build process / development

  • Ensure Cython is 0.23.4 or newer (#3171)

  • Suppress warnings during testing (#3143)

  • Fix skimage.test (#3152)

  • Don’t upload artifacts to AppVeyor (there is no way to delete them) (#3315)

  • Remove import * from the scikit-image package root (#3265)

  • Allow named non-core contributors to issue MeeseeksDev commands (#3357, #3358)

  • Add testing in Python 3.7 (#3359)

  • Add license file to the binary distribution (#3322)

  • lookfor is no longer defined in but rather imported to it (#3162)

  • Add pyproject.toml to ensure Cython is present before building (#3295)

  • Add explicit Python version Trove classifiers for PyPI (#3417)

  • Ignore known test failures in 32-bit releases, allowing 32-bit wheel builds (#3434)

  • Ignore failure to raise floating point warnings on certain ARM platforms (#3337)

  • Fix tests to be compatible with PyWavelets 1.0 (#3406)


Made with commits from (alphabetical by last name):

  • François Boulogne

  • Genevieve Buckley

  • Sean Budd

  • Matthias Bussonnier

  • Sarkis Dallakian

  • Christoph Deil

  • François-Michel De Rainville

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Yaroslav Halchenko

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Jonathan Helmus

  • Gregory Lee

  • @Legodev

  • Matt McCormick

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Egor Panfilov

  • Jesse Pangburn

  • Johannes Schönberger

  • Stefan van der Walt

Reviewed by (alphabetical by last name):

  • François Boulogne

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Egor Panfilov

  • Stéfan van der Walt

  • Josh Warner

And with the special support of [MeeseeksDev](, created by Matthias Bussonnier

Announcement: scikit-image 0.14.0

We’re happy to announce the release of scikit-image v0.14.0!

scikit-image is an image processing toolbox for SciPy that includes algorithms for segmentation, geometric transformations, color space manipulation, analysis, filtering, morphology, feature detection, and more.

This is the last major release with official support for Python 2.7. Future releases will be developed using Python 3-only syntax.

However, 0.14 is a long-term support (LTS) release and will receive bug fixes and backported features deemed important (by community demand) until January 1st 2020 (end of maintenance for Python 2.7; see PEP 373 for details).

For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website:

New Features

  • Lookfor function to search across the library: skimage.lookfor. (#2713)

  • nD support for skimage.transform.rescale, skimage.transform.resize, and skimage.transform.pyramid_* transforms. (#1522)

  • Chan-Vese segmentation algorithm. (#1957)

  • Manual segmentation with matplotlib for fast data annotation: skimage.future.manual_polygon_segmentation, skimage.future.manual_lasso_segmentation. (#2584)

  • Hysteresis thresholding: skimage.filters.apply_hysteresis_threshold. (#2665)

  • Segmentation with morphological snakes: skimage.segmentation.morphological_chan_vese (2D), skimage.segmentation.morphological_geodesic_active_contour (2D and 3D). (#2791)

  • nD support for image moments: skimage.measure.moments_central, skimage.measure.moments_central, skimage.measure.moments_normalized, skimage.measure.moments_hu. This change leads to 3D/nD compatibility for many regionprops. (#2603)

  • Image moments from coordinate input: skimage.measure.moments_coords, skimage.measure.moments_coords_central. (#2859)

  • Added 3D support to blob_dog and blob_log. (#2854)

  • Inertia tensor and its eigenvalues can now be computed outside of regionprops; available in skimage.measure.inertia_tensor. (#2603)

  • Cycle-spinning function for approximating shift-invariance by averaging results from a series of spatial shifts: skimage.restoration.cycle_spin. (#2647)

  • Haar-like feature: skimage.feature.haar_like_feature, skimage.feature.haar_like_feature_coord, skimage.feature.draw_haar_like_feature. (#2848)

  • Data generation with random_shapes function: skimage.draw.random_shapes. (#2773)

  • Subset of LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild) database: (#2905)

  • Fully reworked montage function (now with a better padding behavior): skimage.util.montage. (#2626)

  • YDbDr colorspace conversion routines: skimage.color.rgb2ydbdr, skimage.color.ydbdr2rgb. (#3018)


  • VisuShrink method for skimage.restoration.denoise_wavelet. (#2470)

  • New max_ratio parameter for skimage.feature.match_descriptors. (#2472)

  • skimage.transform.resize and skimage.transform.rescale have a new anti_aliasing option to avoid aliasing artifacts when down-sampling images. (#2802)

  • Support for multichannel images for skimage.feature.hog. (#2870)

  • Non-local means denoising (skimage.restoration.denoise_nl_means) has a new optional parameter, sigma, that can be used to specify the noise standard deviation. This enables noise-robust patch distance estimation. (#2890)

  • Mixed dtypes support for skimage.measure.compare_ssim, skimage.measure.compare_psnr, etc. (#2893)

  • New alignment parameter in skimage.feature.plot_matches. (#2955)

  • New seed parameter in skimage.transform.probabilistic_hough_line. (#2960)

  • Various performance improvements. (#2821, #2878, #2967, #3035, #3056, #3100)


  • Fixed skimage.measure.regionprops.bbox_area returning incorrect value. (#2837)

  • Changed gradient and L2-Hys norm computation in skimage.feature.hog to closely follow the paper. (#2864)

  • Fixed skimage.color.convert_colorspace not working for YCbCr, YPbPr. (#2780)

  • Fixed incorrect composition of projective transformation with inverse transformation. (#2826)

  • Fixed bug in random walker appearing when seed pixels are isolated inside pruned zones. (#2946)

  • Fixed rescale not working properly with different rescale factors in multichannel case. (#2959)

  • Fixed float and integer dtype support in skimage.util.invert. (#3030)

  • Fixed skimage.measure.find_contours raising StopIteration on Python 3.7. (#3038)

  • Fixed platform-specific issues appearing in Windows and/or 32-bit environments. (#2867, #3033)

API Changes

  • skimage.util.montage. namespace has been removed, and skimage.util.montage.montage2d function is now available as skimage.util.montage2d.

  • skimage.morphology.binary_erosion now uses True as border value, and is now consistent with skimage.morphology.erosion.


  • freeimage plugin has been removed from

  • skimage.util.montage2d is deprecated and will be removed in 0.15. Use skimage.util.montage function instead.

  • skimage.novice is deprecated and will be removed in 0.16.

  • skimage.transform.resize and skimage.transform.rescale have a new anti_aliasing option that avoids aliasing artifacts when down-sampling images. This option will be enabled by default in 0.15.

  • regionprops will use row-column coordinates in 0.16. You can start using them now with regionprops(..., coordinates='rc'). You can silence warning messages, and retain the old behavior, with regionprops(..., coordinates='xy'). However, that option will go away in 0.16 and result in an error. This change has a number of consequences. Specifically, the “orientation” region property will measure the anticlockwise angle from a vertical line, i.e. from the vector (1, 0) in row-column coordinates.

  • skimage.morphology.remove_small_holes min_size argument is deprecated and will be removed in 0.16. Use area_threshold instead.

Contributors to this release

  • Alvin

  • Norman Barker

  • Brad Bazemore

  • Leonid Bloch

  • Benedikt Boecking

  • Jirka Borovec

  • François Boulogne

  • Larry Bradley

  • Robert Bradshaw

  • Matthew Brett

  • Floris van Breugel

  • Alex Chum

  • Yannick Copin

  • Nethanel Elzas

  • Kira Evans

  • Christoph Gohlke

  • GGoussar

  • Jens Glaser

  • Peter Goldsborough

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Ben Hadfield

  • Mark Harfouche

  • Scott Heatwole

  • Gregory R. Lee

  • Guillaume Lemaitre

  • Theodore Lindsay

  • Kevin Mader

  • Jarrod Millman

  • Vinicius Monego

  • Pradyumna Narayana

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Kesavan PS

  • Egor Panfilov

  • Oleksandr Pavlyk

  • Justin Pinkney

  • Robert Pollak

  • Jonathan Reich

  • Émile Robitaille

  • Rose Zhao

  • Alex Rothberg

  • Arka Sadhu

  • Max Schambach

  • Johannes Schönberger

  • Sourav Singh

  • Kesavan Subburam

  • Matt Swain

  • Saurav R. Tuladhar

  • Nelle Varoquaux

  • Viraj

  • David Volgyes

  • Stefan van der Walt

  • Thomas Walter

  • Scott Warchal

  • Josh Warner

  • Nicholas Weir

  • Sera Yang

  • Chiang, Yi-Yo

  • corrado9999

  • ed1d1a8d

  • eepaillard

  • leaprovenzano

  • mikigom

  • mrastgoo

  • mutterer

  • pmneila

  • timhok

  • zhongzyd

We’d also like to thank all the people who contributed their time to perform the reviews:

  • Leonid Bloch

  • Jirka Borovec

  • François Boulogne

  • Matthew Brett

  • Thomas A Caswell

  • Kira Evans

  • Peter Goldsborough

  • Emmanuelle Gouillart

  • Almar Klein

  • Gregory R. Lee

  • Joan Massich

  • Juan Nunez-Iglesias

  • Faraz Oloumi

  • Daniil Pakhomov

  • Egor Panfilov

  • Dan Schult

  • Johannes Schönberger

  • Steven Silvester

  • Alexandre de Siqueira

  • Nelle Varoquaux

  • Stefan van der Walt

  • Josh Warner

  • Eric Wieser

Full list of changes

This release is the result of 14 months of work. It contains the following 186 merged pull requests by 67 committers:

  • n-dimensional rescale, resize, and pyramid transforms (#1522)

  • Segmentation: Implementation of a simple Chan-Vese Algorithm (#1957)

  • JPEG quality argument in imsave (#2063)

  • improve geometric models fitting (line, circle) using LSM (#2433)

  • Improve input parameter handling in _sift_read (#2452)

  • Remove broken test in _shared/tests/ (#2454)

  • [MRG] Pytest migration (#2468)

  • Add VisuShrink method for denoise_wavelet (#2470)

  • Ratio test for descriptor matching (#2472)

  • Make HOG visualization use midpoints of orientation bins (#2525)

  • DOC: Add example for rescaling/resizing/downscaling (#2560)

  • Gallery random walker: Rescale image range to -1, 1 (#2575)

  • Update conditional requirement for PySide (#2578)

  • Add configuration file for pep8_speaks (#2579)

  • Manual segmentation tool with matplotlib (#2584)

  • Website updates (documentation build) (#2585)

  • Update the release process notes (#2593)

  • Defer matplotlib imports (#2596)

  • Spelling: replaces colour by color (#2598)

  • Add nD support to image moments computation (#2603)

  • Set xlim and ylim in rescale gallery example (#2606)

  • Reduce runtime of local_maxima gallery example (#2608)

  • MAINT _shared.testing now contains pytest’s useful functions (#2614)

  • error message misspelled, integral to integer (#2615)

  • Respect standard notations for images in functions arguments (#2617)

  • MAINT: remove unused argument in private inpainting function (#2618)

  • MAINT: some minor edits on Chan Vese segmentation (#2619)

  • Fix UserWarning: Unknown section Example (#2620)

  • Eliminate some TODOs for 0.14 (#2621)

  • Clean up and fix bug in ssim tests (#2622)

  • Add padding_width to montage2d and add montage_rgb (#2626)

  • Add tests covering erroneous input to morphology.watershed (#2631)

  • Fix name of code coverage tool (#2638)

  • MAINT: Remove undefined attributes in skimage.filters (#2643)

  • Improve the support for 1D images in color.gray2rgb (#2645)

  • ENH: add cycle spinning routine (#2647)

  • as_gray replaces as_grey in imread() and load() (#2652)

  • Fix AppVeyor pytest execution (#2658)

  • More TODOs for 0.14 (#2659)

  • pin sphinx to <1.6 (#2662)

  • MAINT: use relative imports instead of absolute ones (#2664)

  • Add hysteresis thresholding function (#2665)

  • Improve hysteresis docstring (#2669)

  • Add helper functions img_as_float32 and img_as_float64 (#2673)

  • Remove unnecessary assignment in pxd file. (#2683)

  • Unused var and function call in documentation example (#2684)

  • Make imshow_collection to plot images on a grid of convenient aspect ratio (#2689)

  • Fix typo in Chan-Vese docstrings (#2692)

  • Fix data type error with marching_cubes_lewiner(allow_degenerate=False) (#2694)

  • Add handling for uniform arrays when finding local extrema. (#2699)

  • Avoid unnecessary copies in skimage.morphology.label (#2701)

  • Deprecate visualise in favor of visualize in skimage.feature.hog (#2705)

  • Remove alpha channel when saving to jpg format (#2706)

  • Tweak in-place installation instructions (#2712)

  • Add skimage.lookfor function (#2713)

  • Speedup image dtype conversion by switching to asarray (#2715)

  • MAINT reorganizing CI-related scripts (#2718)

  • added rect function to draw module (#2719)

  • Remove duplicate parameter in docstring (#2725)

  • Add support for 1D arrays for grey erosion (#2727)

  • Build with Xcode 9 beta 3, MacOS 10.12 (#2730)

  • Travis docs one platform (#2732)

  • Install documentation build requirements on Travis-CI (#2737)

  • Add reference papers for restoration.inpaint_biharmonic (#2738)

  • Completely remove freeimage plugin from (#2744)

  • Implementation and test fix for shannon_entropy calculation. (#2749)

  • Minor cleanup (#2750)

  • Add notes on testing to CONTRIBUTING (#2751)

  • Update OSX install script (#2752)

  • fix bug in horizontal seam_carve and seam_carve test. issue :#2545 (#2754)

  • Recommend merging instead of rebasing, to lower contribution barrier (#2757)

  • updated second link, first link still has paywall (#2768)

  • DOC: set_color docstring, in-place said explicitly (#2771)

  • Add module for generating random, labeled shapes (#2773)

  • Ignore known failures (#2774)

  • Update testdoc (#2775)

  • Remove bento support (#2776)

  • AppVeyor supports dot-file-style (#2779)

  • Fix bug in color.convert_colorspace for YCbCr, YPbPr (#2780)

  • Reorganizing requirements (#2781)

  • WIP: Deal with long running command on travis (#2782)

  • Deprecate the novice module (#2742) (#2784)

  • Document mentioning deprecations in the release notes (#2785)

  • [WIP] FIX Swirl center coordinates are reversed (#2790)

  • Implementation of the Morphological Snakes (#2791)

  • Merge TASKS.txt with CONTRIBUTING.txt (#2800)

  • Add Gaussian filter-based antialiasing to resize (#2802)

  • Add morphological snakes to release notes (#2803)

  • Return empty array if hough_line_peaks detects nothing (#2805)

  • Add W503 to pep8speaks ignore. (#2816)

  • Slice PIL palette correctly using extreme image value. (#2818)

  • Move INSTALL to top-level (#2819)

  • Make simple watershed fast again (#2821)

  • The gallery now points to the stable docs (#2822)

  • Adapt AppVeyor to use dist, and remove install script (#2823)

  • Remove pytest yield (#2824)

  • Bug fix in projective transformation composition with inverse transformation (#2826)

  • FIX: add estimate_sigma to __all__ in restoration module (#2829)

  • Switch from LaTeX to MathJax in doc build (#2832)

  • Docstring fixes for better formula formatting (#2834)

  • Fix regionprops.bbox_area bug (#2837)

  • MAINT: add Python 3.6 to appveyor, small edits (#2840)

  • Allow convex area calculation in 3D for regionprops (#2847)

  • [MRG] DOC fix documentation build (#2851)

  • Change default args from list to tuple in feature.draw_multiblock_lbp (#2852)

  • Add 3D support to blob_dog and blob_log (#2854)

  • Update compare_nrmse docstring (#2855)

  • Fix link order in example (#2858)

  • Add Computation of Image Moments to Coordinates (#2859)

  • Revert gradient formula, modify the deprecation warning, and fix L2-Hys norm in skimage.feature.hog (#2864)

  • OverflowError: Python int too large to convert to C long on win-amd64-py2.7 (#2867)

  • Fix skimage.measure.centroid and add test coverage (#2869)

  • Add multichannel support to feature.hog (#2870)

  • Remove scipy version check in active_contour (#2871)

  • Update DOI reference in measure.compare_ssim (#2872)

  • Fix randomness and expected ranges for RGB in test_random_shapes. (#2877)

  • Nl means fixes for large datasets (#2878)

  • Make test_random_shapes use internally shipped testing tools (#2879)

  • DOC: Update docstring for is_low_constrast to match function signature (#2883)

  • Update URL in RAG docstring (#2885)

  • Fix spelling typo in NL means docstring (#2887)

  • noise-robust patch distance estimation for non-local means (#2890)

  • Allow mixed dtypes in compare_ssim, compare_psnr, etc. (#2893)

  • EHN add Haar-like feature (#2896)

  • Add CBCL face database subset to (#2897)

  • EXA example for haar like features (#2898)

  • Install documentation dependencies on all builds (#2900)

  • Improve LineModelND doc strings (#2903)

  • Add a subset of LFW dataset to (#2905)

  • Update default parameter values in the docstring of skimage.restoration.unsupervised_wiener (#2906)

  • Revert “Add CBCL face database subset to” (#2907)

  • remove unused parameter ‘n_segments’ in _enforce_label_connectivity_cython() (#2908)

  • Update six version to make pytest_cov work (#2909)

  • Fix typos in draw._random_shapes._generate_triangle_mask docstring (#2914)

  • do not assume 3 channels during non-local means denoising (#2922)

  • add missing cdef in _integral_image_3d (non-local means) (#2923)

  • Replace morphology.remove_small_holes argument min_size with area_threshold (#2924)

  • Ensure warning to provide bool array is warranted (#2930)

  • Remove copyright notice with permission of the author (Thomas Lewiner) (#2932)

  • Fix link to Windows binaries in README. (#2934)

  • Handle NumPy 1.14 API changes (#2935)

  • Specify gradient parameter docstring in compare_ssim (#2937)

  • Fixed broken link on LBP documentation (#2941)

  • Corrected bug related to border value of morphology.binary_erosion (#2945)

  • Correct bug in random walker when seed pixels are isolated inside pruned zones (#2946)

  • Fix Cython compilation warnings in NL Means and Watershed (#2947)

  • Add alignment parameter to feature.plot_matches (#2955)

  • Raise warning when attempting to save boolean image (#2957)

  • Allow different rescale factors in multichannel warp (#2959)

  • Add seed parameter to probabilistic_hough_line (#2960)

  • Minor style fixes for #2946 (#2961)

  • Build on fewer AppVeyor platforms to avoid timeout (#2962)

  • Watershed segmentation: make usable for large arrays (#2967)

  • Mark data_range as being a float (#2971)

  • Use correct NumPy version comparison in pytest configuration (#2975)

  • Handle matplotlib 2.2 pre-release deprecations (#2977)

  • Bugfix LineModelND.residuals does not use the optional parameter params (#2979)

  • Return empty list on flat images with hough_ellipse #2820 (#2996)

  • Add release notes for 0.13.1 (#2999)

  • MAINT: PIL removed saving RGBA images as jpeg files (#3004)

  • Ensure stdev is always nonnegative in _mean_std (#3008)

  • Add citation information to README (#3013)

  • Add YDbDr colorspace conversion routines (#3018)

  • Minor style and documentation updates for #2859 (#3023)

  • draw.random_shapes API improvements (#3029)

  • Type dependent inversion (#3030)

  • Fix ValueError: Buffer dtype mismatch, expected ‘int64_t’ but got ‘int’ on win_amd64 (#3033)

  • Replace pow function calls in Cython modules to fix performance issues on Windows (#3035)

  • Add __pycache__ and .cache to .gitignore. (#3037)

  • Fix RuntimeError: generator raised StopIteration on Python 3.7 (#3038)

  • Fix invert tests (#3039)

  • Fix examples not displaying figures (#3040)

  • Correct reference for the coins sample image (#3042)

  • Switch to basis numpy int dtypes in dtype_range (#3050)

  • speedup img_as_float by making division multiplication and avoiding unnecessary allocation (#3056)

  • For sparse CG solver, provide atol=0 keyword for SciPy >= 1.1 (#3063)

  • Update dependencies and deprecations to fix Travis builds (#3072)

  • Sanitizing marching_cubes_lewiner spacing input argument (#3074)

  • Allow convex_hull_image on empty images (#3076)

  • v0.13.x: Backport NumPy 1.14 compatibility (#3085)

  • Force Appveyor to fail on failed tests (#3093)

  • Add threshold_local to filters module namespace (#3096)

  • Replace grey by gray where no deprecation is needed (#3098)

  • Optimize _probabilistic_hough_line function (#3100)

  • Rebuild docs upon deploy to ensure Javascript is generated (#3104)

  • Fix random gallery script generation (#3106)

Installing scikit-image

We are assuming that you have default Python environment already configured on your computer and you intend to install scikit-image inside of it. If you want to create and work with Python virtual environments, please follow the instructions on venv and virtual environments.

There are two ways you can install scikit-image on your preferred Python environment.

  1. Standard Installation

  2. Development Installation

1. Standard Installation:

scikit-image comes pre-installed with several Python distributions, including Anaconda, Enthought Canopy, Python(x,y) and WinPython. However, you can install or upgrade existing scikit-image via shell/command prompt.

a. Windows

On Windows, you can install scikit-image using:

pip install scikit-image

For Conda-based distributions (Anaconda, Miniconda), execute:

conda install scikit-image

If you are using pure Python i.e. the distribution from, you’ll need to manually download packages (such as numpy, scipy and scikit-image) using Python wheels available from Christoph Gohlke’s website. You can install Python wheels using:

pip install SomePackage-1.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl

b. Debian and Ubuntu

On Debian and Ubuntu, install scikit-image with:

sudo apt-get install python-skimage

2. Development Installation:

You can install scikit-image development version if either your distribution ships an outdated version or you want to develop and work on new features before the package is released officially.

a. Windows

Before installing the development version, uninstall the standard version of scikit-image using pip as:

pip uninstall scikit-image

or using conda (for Anaconda users) as:

conda uninstall scikit-image

Now clone scikit-image on your local computer:

git clone

Change the directory and build from source code:

cd scikit-image
python develop

If you experience the error Error:unable to find vcvarsall.bat it means that your computer does not have recommended compilers for Python. You can either download and install Windows compilers from here or use MinGW compilers . If using MinGW, make sure to correctly configure distutils by modifying (or create, if not existing) the configuration file distutils.cfg (located for example at C:\Python26\Lib\distutils\distutils.cfg) to contain:


Once the build process is complete, run:

pip install -U -e .

Make sure to give space after -e and add dot at the end. This will install scikit-image development version and upgrade (or install) all the required dependencies. Otherwise, you can run the following command to skip installation of dependencies:

pip install -U[--no-deps] -e .

You can install or upgrade dependencies required for scikit-image anytime after installation using:

pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade

For more details on compiling in Windows, there is a lot of knowledge iterated into the setup of appveyor (a continuous integration service).

b. Debian and Ubuntu

Install all the required dependencies:

sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib python-numpy python-pil python-scipy

Get suitable compilers for successful installation:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cython

Obtain the source from the git repository at by running:

git clone

After unpacking, change into the source directory and execute:

pip install -e .

To update:

git pull  # Grab latest source
python build_ext -i  # Compile any modified extensions

Runtime requirements

You can use pip to automatically install the runtime dependencies as follows:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Optional Requirements

You can use scikit-image with the basic requirements listed above, but some functionality is only available with the following installed:

  • PyQt4

    The qt plugin that provides imshow(x, fancy=True) and skivi.

  • PyAMG

    The pyamg module is used for the fast cg_mg mode of random walker segmentation.

  • Astropy

    Provides FITS I/O capability.

  • SimpleITK

    Optional I/O plugin providing a wide variety of formats. including specialized formats using in medical imaging.

  • imread

    Optional I/O plugin providing most standard formats.

Testing requirements

  • pytest

    A Python Unit Testing Framework. Required to execute the tests.

  • pytest-cov

    A tool that generates a unit test code coverage report.

Documentation requirements