CellProfiler BSD license announcementΒΆ

From: Vebjorn Ljosa
To: scikit-image@googlegroups.com
Date: June 3, 2010

We have changed the license of some parts of CellProfiler from GNU GPL
to BSD.  It has previously been proposed [1] that some of the image
processing code in CellProfiler be merged into SciPy, and the license
change makes this possible.

The CellProfiler SVN repository is at
https://svn.broadinstitute.org/CellProfiler/trunk/CellProfiler/.  The
file LICENSE [2] contains a list of BSD-licensed subdirectories as
well as other license details.  The rest of CellProfiler continues to
be licensed under the GNU GPL.  The BSD-licensed subdirectories are:

 * CellProfiler/cpmath [3]: image processing algorithms
 * CellProfiler/utilities [4]: contains a Java bridge, making it
possible to call Java functions from Python
 * bioformats [5]: wrapper that uses the Java bridge to have
Bioformats [6] read or write an image file

Good luck with the upcoming scikits.image sprint.  I don't think
anyone from the CellProfiler team will be able to take part in the
sprint this time, but don't hesitate to ask on the
cellprofiler-dev@broadinstitute.org mailing list.


[1] http://stefanv.github.com/scikits.image/contribute.html
[2] https://svn.broadinstitute.org/CellProfiler/trunk/CellProfiler/LICENSE
[3] https://svn.broadinstitute.org/CellProfiler/trunk/CellProfiler/cellprofiler/cpmath/
[4] https://svn.broadinstitute.org/CellProfiler/trunk/CellProfiler/cellprofiler/utilities/
[5] https://svn.broadinstitute.org/CellProfiler/trunk/CellProfiler/bioformats/
[6] http://www.loci.wisc.edu/software/bio-formats