Version 0.10

  • Removed functionality due to broken gstreamer bindings

Version 0.9

  • No longer wrap imread output in an Image class
  • Change default value of sigma parameter in skimage.segmentation.slic to 0
  • hough_circle now returns a stack of arrays that are the same size as the input image. Set the full_output flag to True for the old behavior.
  • The following functions were deprecated over two releases: skimage.filter.denoise_tv_chambolle, skimage.morphology.is_local_maximum, skimage.transform.hough, skimage.transform.probabilistic_hough,`skimage.transform.hough_peaks`. Their functionality still exists, but under different names.

Version 0.4

  • Switch mask and radius arguments for median_filter

Version 0.3

  • Remove as_grey, dtype keyword from ImageCollection
  • Remove dtype from imread
  • Generalise ImageCollection to accept a load_func