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Rescale, resize, and downscaleΒΆ

Rescale operation resizes an image by a given scaling factor. The scaling factor can either be a single floating point value, or multiple values - one along each axis.

Resize serves the same purpose, but allows to specify an output image shape instead of a scaling factor.

Downscale operation serves the purpose of downsampling an n-dimensional image by calculating local mean on the elements of each block of the size factors given as a parameter to the function.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

from skimage import data
from skimage.transform import rescale, resize, downscale_local_mean

image =

image_rescaled = rescale(image, 0.5)
image_resized = resize(image, (400, 400), mode='reflect')
image_downscaled = downscale_local_mean(image, (2, 3))

fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=2, ncols=2,
                         sharex=True, sharey=True)

ax = axes.ravel()

ax[0].imshow(image, cmap='gray')
ax[0].set_title("Original image")

ax[1].imshow(image_rescaled, cmap='gray')
ax[1].set_title("Rescaled image")

ax[2].imshow(image_resized, cmap='gray')
ax[2].set_title("Resized image")

ax[3].imshow(image_downscaled, cmap='gray')
ax[3].set_title("Image downscaled using local averaging")

ax[0].set_xlim(0, 512)
ax[0].set_ylim(512, 0)

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